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Function description

1.Support c/c++/java/ESqlc to provide a means to quickly understand the program.

2.Open plug-in interface, flexible custom output.

Plug-in center
CodeFunction descriptioninstallSource codePriceOwnerDownload
SCCPNote.dllParse comments. Default load (must be placed in the executable directory)default0.00brick...
SCCPReport.dllGenerate function, stored procedure and table reports and build indexesattach0.00brick...
genMysqlc.dllGenerate MySQL C data operation code based on tableattach0.00brick...
jclib.dllJava program conversion, upgrade library, sort out source code, standardize comments.attach0.00brick...
SCCPSql.dllAssociate data operations performed by functions with tables.attach0.00brick...

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