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1.Support c/c++/java/esqlc. The database supports Oracle/Infomix/Mysql, and the middleware supports Tuxedo.

2.Open plug-in interface, flexible custom output.

3.Tools pursue three fast and one less: fast development - low code output, fast maintenance - fast positioning, fast training - fast understanding, and reduce the probability of errors.

Plug-in center
CodeFunction descriptioninstallSource codePriceOwnerDownload
SCCPNote.dllParse comments. Default load (must be placed in the executable directory)default0.00brick...
SCCPReport.dllGenerate function, stored procedure and table reports and build indexesattach0.00brick...
genMysqlc.dllGenerate MySQL C data operation code based on tableattach0.00brick...
jclib.dllJava program conversion, upgrade library, sort out source code, standardize comments.attach0.00brick...
SCCPSql.dllAssociate data operations performed by functions with tables.attach0.00brick...
wiredClsTab.dllAssociate the java class with the table through the transformation interface.attach0.00brick...

Email upload plug-ins, please provide the above information. (provide available download links)

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