Activity description get the program logic extractor(PLEA) by annotating Linux kernel

The purpose of this activity is to enable more people to easily understand the essence of Linux kernel.

Activity time:From March 22, 2020 until the annotation reaches at least 70% of the extracted symbols (refer to the description later).

Activity content:

1.All Linux kernel symbols annotated on this site include: function, parameter, variable, member, macro and type name (name input box), The annotations extracted and referenced by the website later will be considered as an effective annotation.

2.The annotation can be divided into English and Chinese. If you want to make Chinese annotation, please check Chinese (GB2312) in the annotation, otherwise it will not be selected.

3.The name input box corresponding to the annotation should be a term, name or phrase, not a description, description, etc. Note, description and other information should be filled in the (mark) input box. Here, you can also fill in your further explanation of the note content. We will focus on the note with description.

4.For multiple annotations of the same symbol with the same content, we select the earliest annotation based on the annotation time.

5.For the selection of notes, our measurement standard shall prevail, and the right of selection shall be owned by our website.

6.Same one emailbox, during the activity period, the number of Chinese annotations selected by this website has reached 1000, and you can get a Chinese C 'fancier version of plea. The total number of English Annotations selected by this website is 379, and a C 'fancier version of program logic extractor (plea) can be obtained. The Chinese and English annotations are counted separately, and there is no reciprocal relationship.

7.All selected annotations will be posted on the annotation page, which is based on the principle of openness, fairness and justice, and will also ensure the interests of the annotators.

8.During the active period, the extracted Linux kernel version is 5.5.9. Only the report will be updated, and the kernel version will not be changed.

The following will not be selected:

1.Compilation control macro annotations will never be selected.

Annotation skills:

1.As for the extracted comments in English, you can copy the comments as long as there is no e-mail address of the annotator, but the content should meet the requirements of terms, names or phrases.

2.Try to choose symbols that have not been annotated. We are preconceived.

3.For the adopted notes, if your notes are better and you have a strong explanation in the notes, we will still consider using them, and we will not subtract the adopted notes.

Activity termination:

1.In case of force majeure, the activity will be terminated.

Laws and regulations:

1.The content of the annotation shall not infringe the rights and interests of the third party, and the consequences shall be borne by the annotator.

2.The interpretation right of this activity belongs to this website.

3.The legal place of this activity is Beijing, China.

Total symbol:

FunctionParameter VariableMember MacroType
Quantity 54,333101,075 14,32546,666 43,5139,575
Total 269,487


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